Third Coast


Brad Rosely  |  Principal

As a former golf professional, Brad has a knack for seeing the nuances in property.  He has the ability to see what is there and also what a piece of land or an old building can become.  Brad spent many years in commercial brokerage and the combination of his appreciation for space and his understanding of commercial real estate serves him well in the development business.

Over the years, Brad has been involved in a large number of transactions but whether large or small, he devotes his energy to forging win-win deals and building strong relationships.

When not working, Brad is focused on his family and his passion for professional baseball.


Dave Levitt  |  Principal

Dave Co-Founded Third Coast in 2004.  Prior to that he spent most of his career trying to be an entrepreneur inside of large companies. Working for large global firms, Dave learned the value of human effort and structured thinking.  As an entrepreneur, Dave learned to disregard most of those good habits and jump in with both feet, burn the lifeboats, and commit to making his business ventures successful.

A perpetual student, Dave loves to read and learn new things about people and business. Dave is very comfortable in a deep conversation at a coffee shop and very uncomfortable in a tie.  Dave enjoys working on “applied strategy.”  That is making good ideas become great reality.

A native of Chicago, Dave is a proud father and a lazy husband but his family puts up with him most of the time.


Max Benedict  |  Principal

Max Benedict joined the Third Coast team while still wet behind the ears in 2006. His fresh finance degree had yet to be contorted by a corporate career, making him the perfect victim…er… employee at Third Coast. In his perpetual journey to determine what he “can’t do”, he has started up and sold multiple companies, managed a 100% employee owned small business, and married a woman way out of his league.

Max’s role on various public and private boards is clearly a thin veil for his political aspirations. These aspirations are manifested in the tax incentives that he works with all levels of government to secure for Third Coast. It is ultimately these relationships and skills that guilted Brad and Dave into making him full partner in the firm. Although it is not clear that Max knew what he was getting into when he accepted that appointment!

In his spare time, Max enjoys powered paragliding, audio engineering, motorcycles and traveling… but only in that order